Thursday, September 3, 2020

No Way, how is possible to use Daily Trends ?

Daily timeframe and lower timeframe for other markets

Depends o the market sometimes is better o trade daily but if you trade stocks or other markets see what column they have base on another timeframe

I trade time for freedom and that's i look for a bigger trend and the same time to familiarise myself with the platform. i don't like to look at hundred screens, i look and if is i see a median line pattern then i analyse and set a reminder when the price action approached to my line

I liked MetaTrader but for mac do not works but as  This platform that I use now, one is much better 

I have SMS signal when a trading approach, trailing stops, broker integrations and even mobile ap and so on and is much easier to manage,

The trading platform works every penny. you can check if your >>Chcek the full details HERE<<E

If we want to trade we have to invest in the best tools that can make our life easier.

Let's back to trade:

I lok at CFD Crude Oil and i lready put my engty and stop loss, then the next steo is to forget it and take care of other things :)

This is 45 min chart 

I have another one for BTC/USD, my entry is thee and my emotions are away as soon money management cacare of the trade :)

Ford Motor I'm still looking to it :)

Here i have GBP/USD and waiting for a pullback, i really do not want to chase a trade, thee trade come to me, patience is the keay.

Now is your turn what you think about it?
I'm going to be again active on trading but not full-time scalper, i prefer 1D, 4H or when I get the signal from the platform TradingView

Happy Trading my old friends
Catalin Marius

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