Sunday, August 30, 2020

My Master

 To My trading master

I did so many things when i was younger but something that really got my attention was everything witch has to do with computers and the internet.

I was an idiot child, I Can’t even remember 2-page paragraph at school, i don’t know why but that affected me for a long time.

When i did what i like computers and the internet it was amazing, then i discovered trading, oh boy what a game.

I played games when i was young but never got addicted, but trading I Can Say I’m addicted even now.

The only trading technique that attracted me was for every action there’s an equal reaction Median Line

Timothy Morge got this to a new level, is simple if you understand it, if you don’t cease for a trade, the trade come to you when the market shows you.

Combined with discipline and money management is a beast.

Do not chase the trade, the trade came to you.

I worked with Tim for about two years 2008 -2010 and we changed the website and opened also where he was doing live interaction on the market.

It was fun. There are a lot of materials and there’s also Shane Blankenship, and for sure others right now.

I worked with Tim till 2010, yea he was a businessman, he separates friendship with business and because a mistake of mine i stopped working with him, but in my soul, he was my friend, he knows more about me than i told to anyone else.

We change lives and he continues to change lives with his materials and with his winds om.

Thanks, Tim, and rest in peace.
My friend and my mentor, Timothy Morge

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